• Friday Art Book Review: Colors of the West by Molly Hashimoto

  • Mayan Pigments: modern colors inspired by ancient traditions

    The Mayan pigments are a special collection of modern pigments based on ancient traditions. These special pigments are eco-friendly and made in America.
  • Pigments from Andalusia

    The story of art in Andalusia begins 25,000 years ago when prehistoric people decorated local caves with charcoal and ochers. In fact, some of the earliest pigment processing seems to have taken place in the Andalusian region.
  • The Beginning of Ruby Mountain

    Ruby Mountain Paint Co. creates unique sets of paints to inspire you to create more. I love to curate new, seasonal color palettes and many of the sets I sell are one-of-a-kind. I love working with artists to create the palette of their dreams. If you have a palette idea or need a specific color for your work, please contact me. I am happy to create something just for you. Inspiring artists is truly my passion, whether it is the little artists I used to work with when I taught or adult artists inspired by my mindfully curated sets of handmade watercolors.