"It is the depth of observation that is one of the most important aspects of working outside. I tell students that 90 percent of the work in my sketchbooks really is not up to my standards, but that in no way negates the importance of those sketches." 

-Molly Hashimoto, in Colors of the West

Colors of the West by Molly Hashimoto is a great art book to add to your collection if you are interested in plein air painting and nature journaling. The beautiful paintings illustrate places and techniques with a personal style. This book is divided by color, and has ample color information included thorughout. Molly discusses organizing your outdoor palette, how palette colors can shift depending on palce and time, and even specifies colors for painting particular things, like overcast skies or fall color. There are multiple little technique spotlights and discussions of prominet National Parks, Waysides and National Monuments. I am a big art history nerd, so I also enjoyed reading about artists she highlights throughout the book, many of whom I haven't herad of before. 

The artist's realationship with place is inherent to landscape paintings. Molly Hashimoto captures the personality of each place as only a painter can, through color, texture and light. Her paintings bring attention to specific moments in time and provide inspiration and insight for painting out of doors.